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[ Here are some common sayings you might come across on your visit to Northern Ireland. ]

See if you can slip them into your next conversation with a Northern Irish person.

"What about ye big mawn, what are ye at the day?"
Translates as: How are you? Are you doing anything interesting this fine day?

"Taxi fer White" -usually heard at nightclubs and bars. Refers to someone who has consumed too much alchohol or drugs and is vomiting.

"Till Till Till" -this a rare. Be on the look out. Feel priviledged to hear it if you do. Translates as: Two minutes to Two

"Fancy a wee pint down the bar, or do ya wanna go till the Offies for a carry out?"
Translates as: Would you like to join me in some merriment at our local hostelry or would you rather purchasing some alchohol from the local Off License?

"Getawaydafug ya wee gat. Who'd ya fink y'are? Wee Slabber......"
Translates as: You'd better leave my vicinity in a hurry. I don't like you. Go away and don't come back. Who do you think you are? Go away.

"Givuz ah way bitta pace!"
Not a cry for an end to violence but a plea for time alone.

"Fer fuhsake catch yerself on ya fuggen goat ye..."
Translates as: Look, you better review the situation. You look rather silly

"Man, he's a fuggen dickbax, no bones about it. I'd knack the ballbegs ballix in...."
Translates as: I'm not particularly fond of said person in question, but by jove, I'd hit him if I saw him.



You're bound to hear some of these phrases in use around here!


Cha fawncie a wee pint do ye? Do ye?! Fawncie a wee wee pint?!



"An then mu teef fell out and she ran like the clappers"

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